A guide on how to recognize casino cheaters


Most of gamblers go to a casino to play and enjoy themselves. However, many people have an entirely different aim while visiting a casino: they go there particularly to cheat with the intention of stealing from it. In this case, it is important for the casino staff and possibly other players as well, to be able to recognize and spot them. Here are some ways to do this.

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Can They Be High Rollers?

Unless a casino already knows a particular player, perhaps because they have been playing at the casino for a while now or because they are rich and famous, casino security are always especially interested in anyone who claims to be a high roller. Many of these people really have a lot of cash to play games, but there are others who pretend to be extremely rich to be given all the fabulous perks that a high roller can get, including access to the VIP gambling areas, free rooms, and food.

It is necessary for casino security and dealers to watch these people carefully, for example, by seeing what happens when they lose. The best cheats usually lose at some point so that their playing will look more genuine. However, they don’t want to lose much money in the process. So if there is any player who only ever loses after he has made a small bet, and the amount he loses won’t be very large, and he wins on this big bets, and this pattern keeps happening, it is likely that he is up to something. It seems to be a clever ruse, but a seasoned security officer will see right through.

Distracting The Dealer

No casino dealer should ever be touched, and they should not touch the players, either. This is a hard rule, but a casino cheat usually bypasses to distract the dealer enough to do whatever they have to do, for example, swap cards. So, if the dealers feel they are being distracted, they must watch out very carefully.


Five Aspects That Make an Online Casino Stand out From the Others (part 1)


Nowadays, thanks to the development of the internet, there are so many things that you can do online. In terms of the biggest sectors in the online industry, gaming is one of these. You can play so many games including casino games or real money games.

In the last few months, with so many land-based casinos ordered to temporarily close due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online casino gaming has exponentially grown. For those who are new to online casino gaming, there are a few things that need to be considered to choose the standing out online casino. Here they are!

  1. Safe and Secure

The first thing that you should consider whenever you make online transactions is safety for yourself. Ensure that you are dealing with a legal online casino by always checking if a casino is licensed. Some of the most common casino licenses are issued by the UK, Costa Rica Curacao, Gibraltar, and Malta.

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The license number is commonly displayed on the bottom of a casino site. This is also usually clickable. It should lead you to the website showing that this online casino is licensed by them.

In addition to the license, you should also browse through the online casino site to see how secure it is. It should be encrypted so that your transactions are safe, which means that no one else can see or access your personal and banking information.

  1. Variety of Games

There are so many online casinos to choose from and these online casinos can mainly stand out from the others thanks to what they can offer to their customers. If you want to play all types of casino games, head to an online casino with a wide variety of game choices.

But if you are new and more into playing easy casino games, you should go after online casinos with a lot of choices for games such as slots and roulette.

Top four tips and tricks for playing mobile casino


Like online casinos, mobile casinos allow you to browse through and play casino games. You are no more limited by your desktop and can play casino games whenever you have spare time. If you are new to mobile casino game-play, here are five tips and tricks that can help you get started.

Choose the best sites

The industry of gambling provides innumerable online casino platforms, many of which are embracing the small screens. You should use the website   https://greatcasino.com/ to get a list of the top casino platforms that you can gamble on without a worry. Go through the list and select a reputed casino that is licensed by the proper authorities.

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Get to know the rules

Before you start playing a game, spend some time researching to understand the game as well as its rules and regulations. Most games are not so complicated and a good understanding will give you an advantage. You can find the info on the game page itself if you don’t have time to search for it.

Track every transaction

Luck is an important part of gambling games, particularly in games such as slots. However, there are some types of games like Blackjack that also require knowledge and skill to win. Playing casino games can become quite addictive now. If you are not paying attention to your bankroll, you are going on the wrong track and you can end up losing your balance.

Consider house edge

You may have known that the house edge is used to make sure that the casino always wins more than the players. Whether it is a brick and mortar casino or a mobile casino, this is the common thing to all casinos. However, there are some games with a significantly low house edge. These include the likes of Poker and Blackjack, which require skill and knowledge to beat the dealer and other players. Meanwhile, other games like Roulette and slots are exciting to play but are based purely on luck.

What is Online Poker All About?

Online Poker has been earning fame since mobile games started to rise because of the portability of the game. However, there are a few things you should know to perfect your strategy since online poker has some things to consider that live poker doesn’t. Learn all you need to know about online poker to become the best player.

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