Top Five Online Casinos Offering the Biggest Payouts (part 1)

Online casino is big business with no rule prohibiting you from getting big rewards. But which online casinos offer the biggest payouts? Let’s find the answer by reading this article.

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777 Casino

777 casino belongs to the reputable 888 groups. In addition to their credibility and transparency, their member status of the 888 family also means that it really can give you a top-class online casino experience.

They have a user-friendly website and app that can draw even the most novice players. Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology as well as everything from the sign-up to deposits and withdrawals, it is easy for users to do anything they need.

You can enjoy a whopping 97% RTP while playing their slot games. With such a high RTP, you can get high rewards and enjoy a world-class online casino experience.

Yeti Casino

The recent review about Yeti Casino shows that it has been better by far in terms of massive payouts. There are not few facts to back that claim up.

One of the best features is its easy-to-understand interface. It is so simple that even beginning players can get the hang of it quickly.

Yeti Casino offers most of the popular online casino games available out there and an expressive welcome bonus to new players. You can choose from more than 300 thrilling online casino games  to enjoy the ultimate online casino experience. In addition, thanks to their superb payment software solutions, payments and deposits are also swift.

If you are looking for the most exciting online gaming experience, Yeti Casino is the perfect option. It can be accessed by using either desktop or mobile devices right on both iOS and Android devices. Yeti also has a user-friendly app that can be easily installed on any smartphone. They make use of applied encryption technology to make sure all the players’ personal information and transactions are safe.

How to avoid the dangers of playing casino games

All casino games give the house an edge. This doesn’t mean that a player can’t win in the short term. This only means that a player will always lose with enough tries in the long term. So, to succeed in playing casino games, it is vital to keep yourself in the right emotional state, which partly means not playing when you are fatigued.

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The dangers of playing casino games while exhausted

You have just come back home after a long working day and turn on the computer to play your favorite online games even though you are exhausted. This is probably not the perfect time to play online.

Being fatigued affects your judgment. When being exhausted, your brain will not get as much oxygen as it needs to work well. As a result, you are prone to making bad decisions.

Certain games, such as blackjack and video poker, require you to have enough concentration to make the right decisions. You may make wrong decisions when you are tired, either by accident or on purpose. This will help to increase the house edge in the games that you are playing, resulting in faster and perhaps bigger losses.

Avoid playing casino games while being tired

Luckily, the solution to this problem is simple. If you are tired, shut down the computer and sleep for a few hours to recover.

The good thing about online casino games is that they are available 24/7. They are always open, and your favorite games are always available out there in the internet. Get as much rest as you need and only start to play when you feel totally refreshed and clear-headed. Then you can try to beat your favorite game for a nice profit.

Choosing safe online casinos to play at

When you play at online casinos, safety is the most important consideration. Online casino scams like identity theft and theft of financial data are unfortunately common in disreputable sites. Therefore, always do a research before deciding to choose an online casino.

The rising demand in mobile casino games

Mobile casino’s gaming techniques have revolutionized. This shift has changed the way online casinos work, which games are available

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It wasn’t until 2007 when Apple Inc. released the first iPhone, a mobile iOS-enabled touchscreen handset. Months later, Google Inc.’s Android OS will follow suit.

Today’s smartphones for Android and iOS have been powerful computers with quad-core or octa-center processors. They bind us via social media and save valuable moments in time with videos and images. GPS helps us get where we go, and a gage shows us how many moves it’s going to take. In dim areas, a handheld flash can also lead us and track our heart rate.

Our attaches to mobiles and tablets have been mentally reliant at this modern age and nourish many layers of Maslow’s model of needs hierarchy.

cza - The rising demand in mobile casino games

Not shockingly, the iGaming industry didn’t go unnoticed. In reality, mobile casino networks have developed, breaking down barriers and gaining market share, along with online casinos. Certainly, handheld devices have impressive advantages. It starts with 24-hour connectivity only restricted by your mobile network or Wi-Fi hotspot link.

Mobile games have risen since the beginning of the 2000s, but players had very few options. The industry began to expand at a speedy rate not until the tablets became stronger in the early 2010 s, had touchscreens and later supported HTML5.

Online players prioritize making their pages web friendly and streamlined and app developers move into reactive game design and move away from the use of Flash or Java technologies. Now there are constantly growing numbers of smartphone and tablet users and faster mobile internet links are making the gaming experience seamless and stable.

Casino players are able to enter and deposit money at hundreds of smartphone optimized slots and live casino games at all times. On-line casino incentives are proliferating on the web, and well-known brands and franchises are being transformed as on-line casino spots or other titles by several developers. Their games are also expanding.

A guide on how to recognize casino cheaters


Most of gamblers go to a casino to play and enjoy themselves. However, many people have an entirely different aim while visiting a casino: they go there particularly to cheat with the intention of stealing from it. In this case, it is important for the casino staff and possibly other players as well, to be able to recognize and spot them. Here are some ways to do this.

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Can They Be High Rollers?

Unless a casino already knows a particular player, perhaps because they have been playing at the casino for a while now or because they are rich and famous, casino security are always especially interested in anyone who claims to be a high roller. Many of these people really have a lot of cash to play games, but there are others who pretend to be extremely rich to be given all the fabulous perks that a high roller can get, including access to the VIP gambling areas, free rooms, and food.

It is necessary for casino security and dealers to watch these people carefully, for example, by seeing what happens when they lose. The best cheats usually lose at some point so that their playing will look more genuine. However, they don’t want to lose much money in the process. So if there is any player who only ever loses after he has made a small bet, and the amount he loses won’t be very large, and he wins on this big bets, and this pattern keeps happening, it is likely that he is up to something. It seems to be a clever ruse, but a seasoned security officer will see right through.

Distracting The Dealer

No casino dealer should ever be touched, and they should not touch the players, either. This is a hard rule, but a casino cheat usually bypasses to distract the dealer enough to do whatever they have to do, for example, swap cards. So, if the dealers feel they are being distracted, they must watch out very carefully.


Things to Consider When You Want to Choose the Most Profitable Casino Games (part 2)


Choice of Games

When it comes to mobile casino games, we can say that there isn’t always a wide range of choice available so look around to see what the casinos have to offer.


Choose a casino that only uses tested software since you can be sure the games are fair. You will have a number of different options in terms of selecting platforms, so you will have plenty to choose from.

casino online 300x176 - Things to Consider When You Want to Choose the Most Profitable Casino Games (part 2)

Banking Options

Banking option isn’t the first thing that players consider when looking for the best casino. However, it should feature near the top of any list. Even those who start playing for free may want to make a deposit some time, and hopefully, a withdrawal if they win. Therefore, it is best to choose a casino that offers a range of banking options, both in the payment methods and currencies that you can use.

Terms and Conditions

These are the rules that players must follow to take advantage of bonuses and promotions. They are also relevant when you are making payments and for other different aspects of playing at an online casino. You should check the wagering requirements which have to be fulfilled before you can withdraw any of your winnings.

Customer Support

If you are using a mobile to play, the chance may be that you will do it out of office hours. In case you have any problems or any question to be answered, it is very helpful if the customer support service is available 24 hours per day. It is also going to be important to be able to contact a representative in different ways. We like to use the live chat option or a manned phone line is also a good option.

System Requirements

Playing keno games on your mobile devices doesn’t use a lot of memory storage of your device. However, you’d better check whether your system is compatible with the apps you want to use.