About Jambalaya

featured image About Jambalaya - About Jambalaya

My name is Evie Walton and all my life has been around yacht sports since my dad used to take us to yacht races.

Over time, I started working in emergency and disaster response, which allowed me to dedicate time to my favourite hobby, betting and playing games.

Jambalaya’s Transition

I started Jambalaya 4 years ago when I felt confident enough to write about casino games and betting strategies. Later on, I needed to deepen my knowledge of mobile gaming apps by discovering new providers and testing games.

After that, I managed to develop a solid, resourceful blog about casino games and mobile online games. Here I can be myself and that’s why I invite people to join me by becoming part of my team of writers.

What Drives Me

My drive is to share all I know about casino games and mobile casinos with everyone, being useful and helping others to become better gamblers. That’s why here you will find all kinds of useful strategies along with updated information about the latest mobile casino apps and advanced technologies for casino game lovers.